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Flying and Falling

Title: Flying and Falling
Rating: PG
Length: Ficlet (557 words)
Pairings: None stated (could be read as implied Michael/Lucifer)
Era: pre-pre-pre series
Warnings: None
Summary: "You promise you won't let me fall?"
Note: Written for my fiction class, this is the original (mostly) unedited version. Only a few things were altered to make it a bit more "SPN-fic" than "original fic"


“You promise you won’t let me fall?”

He smiles at you, his hand resting on your shoulders as he kneels down in front of you to stare into your eyes. “Of course, Luci,” he says, his other hand coming up to make sure you’re not looking away from him. “You know I’d never let anything happen to you, little brother.”

You hesitate. You know he is telling the truth – Michael’s never lied to you before, and you know that he never would – but this time, your fears don’t dissipate as easily with just a few simple reassurances from your older sibling.


“But you have to learn to fly,” interrupts Michael, a slight note of laughter in his voice as he steps back up again. “Those wings are meant to be used, you know,” he says, his hand running over the top edges of the ebony feathers of your wings. “They have a purpose, one that needs to be fulfilled.”

Michael expands his own gleaming white wings, the tips catching off of the sunlight and although you have seen them many times before – have even been within the hold of those soft feathers and warm embrace – now your brother’s wings seem somehow … grander, larger, greater.

You shake your head, suddenly more nervous than you ever were before. Your wings aren’t nearly so large; unique and ‘grand’ they may be, in their own way … but there’s no way, you think, that they can actually keep you flying.

Not yet, anyway.

“No,” you mutter, looking away. “I – I can’t do it.”

You hear Michael sigh, and you are about to apologize for disappointing him – for being so afraid of something that, to him at least, seems so simple, when he suddenly grabs you, says, “Come on, Luci,” and pulls you with him.

“Where—” The word barely leaves your mouth before you feel yourself going up – and up – up – up. You hear the beat of Michael’s wings, and you feel the rush of air as he soars higher and higher, bringing you with him all the way. You cling to your brother, your eyes shut and your fear rising, knowing that you will fall because there is just no possible way that you can fly, no way that you are ready …

You don’t even realize the moment when your wings start to mimic Michael’s, black rising and falling in time with white.

“Open your eyes, little brother.”

You hear Michael’s voice in your head, so soothing and calm, and so you follow his order. Your eyes drift open and you look around … and see him, smiling, flying several feet away from you.

Leaving you all alone.

“Michael …?” you whisper, confusion evident in your tone, and when you realize that you are completely alone – that Michael is all the way over there – you forget that you were flying on your own … and you fall.

And that fear you had of falling is little compared to the actual act. You are rushing out of the heavens, plummeting down, and you can’t seem to remember that, just a moment ago, you were flying …

Then there are great white wings wrapped around you, holding you close.

“I told you, Lucifer,” whispered Michael. “I was never going to let you fall.”



Tags: 2011, c: lucifer, c: michael, f: original, f: supernatural, g: general, l: one-shot, p: michael/lucifer, s: complete, w: 500-999 words
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